Must Have Classic Earrings at Dresswe

Hey Girls, Nice to meet you again, you know how I am with traditional yet simple accessories. At the last minute always opt for chic and amazing earrings, highlighting the stones.

But who follow me on DRESSWE.COM noticed that the maxi earrings won my heart. And so I LOVE the models in resin!! They are beautiful and give a great emphasis on the visual. In my last trips I used and abused the maxi models received.

Luxurious Rhinestone Decorated Exaggerating Earrings

Fashion Water Drop Rhinestone Lady's Earrings






The reference of research is an important step in choosing the wedding style you want to be. Each element is essential to the look of the mood, so I like to give a special attention to bridal accessories.

In one of these studies, I found a wonderful brand that serves as inspiration for different styles of women, DRESSWE.COM. The site is full of beautiful wedding dresses and pretty bridal accessories composed of original designers, just to please varied tastes.

A wedding tiara, for example, can make the luxurious, delicate, romantic or even vintage look.

Glittering Rhinestone Alloy Wedding TiaraAlloy with Crystal Wedding TiaraLace Mountain Shaped Alloy with Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Tiaras


Everything depends on the harmony created between the dress, the beauty of the bride and accessories. Of course, the party decor also makes all the difference in the time to establish the atmosphere of the ceremony!

Wonderful, is not it? Remember that the bride should look simply translate the personality and the essence of the woman who is about to marry. It’s nice to surround yourself with beauty and fashion professionals to help you time to highlight all that is most beautiful in and out of you. A secure and confident bride radiates light and joy to all guests and of course, for his great love. A lot of patience and good luck in this process delicious!