Dresses for Party Nights or Other Special Occasions

On party nights or other special occasions, everyone wants to be in their best style to tear up the event, is not it? If we keep in mind that moments of parties deserve elegant, comfortable looks that characterize our style without leaving something to be desired, it is a good sign. But even so, some women find it difficult to decide on the ideal outfit for the party.

I do not know if they noticed, but it’s very common to wear monochromatic looks on special occasions. But to get away from it a good option for women who do not like monochromatic looks is to get out of the total white and invest in pieces with metallic details like gold and silver. Look how cool this model of the store Dresswe:

Fashion Straps Beading Sequins Column Prom Dress Beautiful V-Neck Beading A-Line Floor Length Prom Dress

If you prefer the details in the shoes, in the store there are also some beautiful options that give the look an air of elegance at the same time:

Unique Gold Stiletto Heel Peep Toe SandalsLuxurious Fashion Rhinestones Pearls Wedding Shoes

To complement the look you can abuse the accessories, being careful not to pollute nor exaggerate in the production. The ideal is earrings, bracelets, necklaces and bags with details that do not call much attention, since the metallized by itself already has this function.

All parts are from Dresswe, an international shop specializing in cheap special occasion dresses.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and the post.


Inspirations Beauty Tips for The Brides to Be

We would love to talk about beauty, especially about inspirations for the most important date in the life of brides to be!

Today we will see a beautiful and unique article about the beauty tips and tricks for brides!

In this article we see the make and hair options with a very sophisticated beauty proposal without losing the lightness and delicacy that brides looking for the look that will be immortalized in your wedding album.

Dresses are from the stylish Dresswe, which favored by many brides!

Purple shade to mark the eyes, and black eyeliner, which being a classic makeup, let the more powerful look. To finish off, the lashes are bulky and lips have highlight colors, with batons ranging from plum to reddish, pulling mouth tones.

Softness, which in contrast to the more marked eyes bring a balance cool to look!

As for the hair, it comes in two versions: loose texture, braids or headbands for the most deprived brides, or stuck in a bun for brides who like a more sophisticated look.

I hope you enjoy and can be inspired to find your ideal beauty for the big day!


Trendy Fashion Tips: Anaconda Eyebrow Makeup

We all know that the care of our face is critical, why? The reason is very simple, because it is our postcards. And at the time of making up, to give that final finish cannot be afraid to dare, of course, with good sense, right! My tip for today is the Anaconda eyebrow makeup. Many fashionistas had tried and loved! The product not only fills the gaps, but also raises our eyes, giving a healthier look to our face. Also, it is good to be aware that the shape or thickness of the eyebrow can make all the difference in the expression. That is, we take good care of them! See the pictures below the difference of an eyebrow with the application of the product and the other without. The difference is easily perceived.

The product has been formulated to make up, give volume and around the eyebrows. Eyebrows are the frames of the eyes and increasingly receive feminine attention. The anaconda perfect eyebrows kit corrects faults and defines the outline of them using the template, available in two shades that can be used together or separately, allowing colors light brown to black. “ACCOMPANYING 3 DIES FOR DRAWING” “ACCOMPANYING 1 GEL FIXER Modeler” natural effect enhances the look of the woman.

Below are some examples eyebrows make up drawn by several fashion girls cannot live without it:


How to Prepare a Perfect Hair Condition for the Big Day?

Which woman does not want to have their hair hydrated, silky and shiny every day? So imagine how much the bride would want to have the perfect hair for the wedding day? The hairstyle will totally different when the hair is well treated and cared for.

Thinking about it, I decided to share some tips for every to be groom at the big day.

Common Hair Problems

Because there are so many things to arrange for the wedding day, brides always spend a great time of stress that can end up affecting the health of hair. Some of the most common problems caused by stress are excessive hair loss.

In this case, treatment should start as soon verify the problem and get a good effect for the wedding day. Many brides also have the desire to change the look with progressive, fuses and other chemical treatments. The ideal is to perform these procedures two months or one month before the wedding, especially the color.

Beautiful Hair Dream

Many women suffer from those conditions with chemical dye or shampoo for hair and are dreaming, “How can I be so perfect hair like that?” My tip is to take daily care for your hair, and seek skilled professionals and high quality products.

Ideally, choose according to your hair type. Take this into consideration from the choice of shampoo. Use all care for hair, such as shampoo, conditioner and even the oils or hair essentials that help in texture and conditions of hair.



Makeup Tips – How to Make the intense color of lipstick last longer

A super red mouth, hot pink, orange mega or even in alternative colors such as black, purple and blue, are always awesome – but it seems that the powerful effect only lasts for a little while. Keep lipstick throughout the day and night is an almost impossible task.

However, it does not need to give up the intense colors of lipsticks. To make them last longer, there are some tricks. Choose an opaque or semi-opaque lipstick is one of tricks. They adhere better to the lips.If the occasion calls for that creamy lipstick that you love so much, an alternative option is to use a lip cream primer before applying lipstick.


It is always very useful to prepare the lips cream before you start doing makeup. Who has dry lips, for example, must pass a moisturizer and let acting as glosses other parts of the face. If you’re having some skin dropping the lips, mix sugar to moisturizer and make a light exfoliation.

Do not give up lip pencil. It really makes all the difference. Use it to the entire mouth instead of just around – so lipstick will last much longer, since the pencil texture is much stickier than the lipstick. This can also help you to make the color more intense.

Apply lipstick directly in the mouth. Brushes and applicators are more suitable for liquid or creamy lipsticks. Finally, finish with a translucent powder, especially if it is a creamy lipstick. This causes the color hold longer. Opaque lipsticks and semi-opaque not need this submission.

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle Make You A Beautiful Bride

A pretty bridal hairstyle can not only make a perfect bride, but also witness the happy and most important moments of the bride! Today we will introduce you 3 kinds of popular hairstyles, come and pick out the best one for you.16


With the session of great Oscar Award put to an end perfectly and successfully, the massive awards season, the red carpet season also entered the rest stage.14 Let us look back and review the last several brand award ceremonies now together, it’s not hard to find that, many female stars invariably chose the braided hair styling without precious consultation. Indeed, braided hair styles swept the red carpet and fashion show like an avalanche, and became the latest fashion trends of this season. Whether you choose to make all the long hair wear in a bun to be a bride braided hair style, or make a single strand braided hair style randomly. You will be the most beautiful bride!


The curls itself has a romantic and passionate temperament.
The curls seemingly random and simple though, but it is an elegant beauty for most of the young brides. 1-4Especially throughout the long wedding, it’s no need to worry about the hair will be scattered or messy. The long wavy hair cascading large so that will make the bride looks more gentle and beautiful, shining and feminine. A long slightly wavy hair with a sense of air curly, matches perfectly with white lace wedding dresses. It’s a great choice for most brides. Come and have a look at the following curls hairstyle, so which one is your favorite?


When it comes to the season of summer, it is a season of all flowers in full blossom. 11The earth comes into an active atmosphere. If you’ve been dreaming a romantic marriage in that season, there are beautiful color flowers, fresh blue sky and your prince charming.
So this braided hair with elegant styles will be your best choice.
Here we collected the latest trendy bridal hairstyle pictures and inspirations, especially suitable for the bride to be who plan to hold a fantastic wedding ceremony in this season. Fluffy yet gorgeous braided hair embellished with sweet flowers, full of amorous feelings of sweet rural style. And the little pink flowers make the bride looks particularly tender and lovely. Let us become romantic flower fairies together in this attractive season!