Dresswe New for Girls of Every Style?

Dresswe is a fashion online store, it supplies all kinds of latest dresses for the fashion girls. And they are mainly of the wedding and event dresses for people! Every year they offer the new for girls of every styles. Now what is the 2018 new style for girl in Dresswe?

A-Line Halter Beaded Lace Long Prom Dress In Floor Length
Square Neck Lace Mermaid Long Sleeve Evening Dress
 Dresswe new style of the evening and prom dresses are designed by the famous person, this year the popular elements are: print styles, velvet evening dresses, goldern color evening dresses and more. They are different in the v neck, sleeve and more. You can get the off sleeve and short sleeve. The most of color are made in the popular such as: rose gold, green, metallic dresses and more. Every dress has the feature, it can show your different for others. So they are worthy to buy!

A Line Halter Split Front Backless Prom Dress

Vintage A Line Straps Beaded Pleats Velvet Evening DressNow I can give you some beautiful and sexy new style dresses to you! If you are love and join in now, you will be find the perfect dresses to you!And hope you have a good shopping time now!

Dresswe Offer a Big Discount for Fashion Things In Halloween Month

The time passed quickly, so it has about 10 days the Halloween will coming, so are you exciting and happiness? To be unique in your party,would you prepare for the Halloween thing in your party? I think you are must finish all of things, only wait for the time coming!




So thank for the happy time, Dresswe fancy online store is prepared a good news to you which is a big promotion on Halloween Day! It have a big discount for their items including fashionable wedding dresses, latest evening dresses, special occasion dresses and more. The activity is free shipping over $89, you also can get the discount and coupon to you! You can enjoy 85% off for everything. It can save more money to you! All the items have a best quality and designed by professional person. It also accepted the custom for you who give the size for their customers.

Wrapped Luxury Faux Fur Coat

Mesh Sequins Patchwork Bell Sleeve Bodycon Dress

Vintage Lace Asymmetry Hemline Middle Sleeves A-line V-neck Backless Evening DressSo if you are interesting for this promotion and attracted by the discount and the dresses styles, so join quickly and many surprising are waiting for you!

Shopping the Sexy and Vintage Bateau Neck Dress Online

With the fashion element changed, more and more designer are design the dresses use the differ neck as the fashion for the famous person. This year they will designed use the round neck, and next year they will use the v neck or bateau neck and more. That is different necks can show you different feel for the dresses. Some famous designers are use the same color, same material to finish one clothes, but they differ from the neck or sleeve. These dresses are look same. So what people want to getting these dresses? I think they are suit for a team or bridesmaid person, they are attend the party or activities, for show unique and differ for other team. You can get the same dresses with differ style, such as:

Charming A-Line Bateau Neck Appliques Printed Long Sleeves Evening Dress Luxurious Sequins A-line Floor Length Sleeveless Bateau Neck Prom Dress11678057_1Retro Embroidery Bateau Neck Sleeveless Bodycon Party DressWhen I see them, I find the bateau neck is very famous in this season. Because I see it everywhere, how can you get them? You can join in Dresswe online store, it has all kinds of necks of the dresses, the wedding events, special occasion dresses, women dresses and more. Choose them for you or your friends, it will make them happy and fashionable. Visit to Dresswe and get more surprising to you!

Be A Dancing Fairy with Floral Dress

This year’s “flower tide” is particularly fierce, fashion circles as if falling into a vast sea of flowers. Flowers elements regardless of embellishment in clothing or accessories can bring out the elegant texture. In the spring and summer is approaching, faded boring winter put on a single flower together to be a dancing fairy.

Fashion Street Style

Chic-Floral-Street-Style-Looks Floral dress street snap Floral dress street style

Oscar Awards Ceremony Host Raphaela Neihausen

40 years old Oscar awards ceremony host Raphaela Neihausen also choose to wear a floral dress on the red carpet which attracted countless flashlights and gaze.

Raphaela Neihausen Oscar 2017 Floral Dress1 Raphaela Neihausen Oscar 2017 Floral Dress

Michelle Obama

Former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama is also very fond of floral dress. You can see her wearing a floral dress to attend a variety of important occasions.

Michelle Obama wearing floral dress Michelle Obama wearing floral dress1

Logo T VS Slogan T | Which One You Will Choose

What is the most popular single product in 2017? You will probably think of several answers, but the stars and tide people who have always been at the forefront of fashion have already worn the answer on the body, that is, Logo T and Slogan T. A simple Tee allows you to stand out instantly.

Logo T Shirt

Logo T shirt street style logo T shirt street style2 shea-marie-caroline-vreeland-tommy-hilfier-t-shirts-90s-trend-street-style shop-gucci-printed-logo-web-motif-cotton-tee

As you can see, many of the top fashion brands have also launched new logo T shirts. Are widely welcomed by the celebrity and fashion bloggers.

Slogan T Shirt

A slogan t shirt can simply and directly express your attitude towards life.

beyondtherow hollywood 4 cara-high-fashion-style-slogan-tshirt-cara-delevingne Chiara slogan t shirt street style Je M'en fous slogan t shirt

Which one would you prefer?

Let me know your thoughts 😀

15 Beautiful Camel Street Style – Street Snap

What to wear autumn and winter? Must be a variety of a camel product! Across the screen you can feel the beauty from the camel street style! Camel can easily highlight you fashionable and advanced, no matter what camel product, always lets you keep 100% returning in the street! The following beautiful camel street snap will give you some inspiration!

camel pic

camel coat with pink high heel austrlia street style


street-style-camel- street-style-camel-coat-black-white suede-camel-skirtFall-Street-Style-Ideas-8 Gigi-Hadid-camel-style paris-fashion-week-street-style-spring

camel skirt street style Camelcoat4 camel-coat-street-stylecamel-paris-street-style Chic-camel-Street-Style camel-fashion-pieces

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Most Beautiful Street Snap with Different Colors

If you are looking for prom or evening dress for you new year party to show personal beauty or just want some ideas for wearing different in the new year 2017, we have sorted out the most beautiful street snap with different colors for everyone get inspired.

From the warm red to the charming pink, high saturation color is the trend next year, in addition to nude color camel and other natural color is king of the collocation, start the New Year from a stylish color now!

1.Stylish Orange Coat

Orange Coat Style

2.Yellow Floral Dress


3.Red Dress Street Style

Red Dress Street Style

4.Green Skirt Streetstyle Stockholm


5.Camel Fashion Streetstyle

Camel Fashion Streetstyle

6.Purple Dress Streetstyle

Purple Dress Streetstyle

7.Navy Blue Dress Fashion Streetstyle

navy blue dress fashion-couture-street-style

8.Pink Dress Street Snap

Pink Dress Street Snap

9.Navy Blue&Black Streetstyle


10.Blue Shirt Streetstyle

Blue Shirt Street Snap

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Get Fashion Trends 2017 from Pinterest

We all know that Pinterest is a social networking site, we put together their favorite content together, and then to achieve resource sharing at Pinterest.

In addition, Pinterest has the role of statistical data to forecast future trends. Pinterest internal team has been predicted five major fashion trends in 2017 based on the statistics of the search records. So you should get it before embarking on a new year.

1.Trumpet Sleeves

Strapless will no longer be popular next year, and the trumpet sleeve will be a new replacement. Because their search volume has increased by 300%.

Trumpet Sleeves Street Snap White Trumpet Sleeves Street Snap

2.Patch Clothing

Personalized trend will be the next year’s fashion indicators, because its search volume increased by 800%.

pink patch clothing patch clothing shirts

3.Backless Slippers

backless slippers street snap backless slippers

4.Customized Jeans

There is no doubt that personalization will be the most important element in 2017. How could jeans street style miss it?

Customized jeans street snap Customized jeans

5.Pajamas Dressing

Pajamas dressing will continue to be prevalent in 2017. Not just for street snap but also in everyday life.

Pajamas dressing Wear Pajamas in Public

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Asian Fashion Style

560808129325db632be5607500a7b87a d7ffa7dee29834fac957113b8bdef05a

So yesterday I had one of those amazing day of doing while nothing. I laid on the couch and finished  the crown series on Netflix, by the way best drama I have seen so far. Then I spend the rest of the day on that couch and wondering, hmmm since winter is literally around the corner, May be it’s time to bring some fresh oxygen to my wardrobe. So I opened up my laptop and went to some of my favorite stores and trying to find some cloth to give me a fresh look during the winter. Then after hours and hours I found while absolutely nothing. Cause even on their website it says new arrive winter outfit, but for me it just feels like the same as last year and the year before.  So I was like OK that’s it maybe it’s about time to try something new, since Asian fashion style become more more popular, why not Asian style. After I went to some Asian style fashion stores, to be honest with you guys I am surprised, I instantly fall in love with those new styles, and I certain Asian style will be the style can give me new looks during the winter. So today I want to talk about some of the popular Asian fashion style, let’s start by country.

UNIQLO Outer_zzllrr Imager Geek_Screenshot (2) UNIQLO Outer_zzllrr Imager Geek_Screenshot

1: Japanese

To talk about Japanese fashion style, the first thing you need to know is there is a lot of fashion style in Japan. Some of them for my opinion it’s pretty extreme, not every one can accept that kind of style, but that’s not that kind of style we will be talking about today. We will be talking about “normal” one while like the two styles showed in the picture, looks pretty good isn’t it? Ok let’s get back on track. The Japanese fashion style start blooming in the early 1990s back at that time there is lot of brand start become more and more popular, then the Japanese fashion style starts influences the West Coast of the United States, not for long it starts become more and more popular around the world.  But why it is so popular? In my own opinion, it’s just a different aesthetic, a different way of looking at the same items of clothing. Just because of the different way it seems like can give a fresh look to a person and make them unique.

1450052_594574963949526_291020684_n HD27

2: Korean

After the Japanese the Korean is not far behind. But why is Korean fashion so popular? For me the reason is K-Pop, K-Beauty, an in-built celebrity culture and also the government support. For example the Korean government actually pays for the bulk of Seoul Fashion Week. And on top of all this, the Korean government has highlighted fashion and art as the next “soft power” to be exported alongside K-Pop and K-Dramas around the world. With government help and K-pop, K-Beauty to influence the world the Korean fashion style will become more and more popular in the world.

Ok that’s all for today’s blog. I hope yall beautiful faces enjoy it. And trust me if you are tired of wearing same exactly style every year. You can try some different style, like Asian style. You may will be surprised 😉

Dresswe Day Look: Monochromatic Fashion

I have been oscillated between two climates before write this article: monochrome and cool multi colors or floral pattern. It was one of those moments of intense color that used for the look of the photos! Dresses are super summer pieces, right? This daily look is fluffy and freshly, and I think super lovely! I used the day but gives for use at night quietly, just changing the accessories! It comes with a super cute necklace also another way to change the face of the same piece.

Combined with sandals in the same comfortable jump tone (not so high, repairs!), Gathered hair and lipsticks, to leave a bit of nudes I’ve been hooked. Like this: