New Arrivial 2018 Wedding Looks at

Sexy Sweetheart Open Back Lace Court Train Mermaid Wedding Dress Everyone knows the spring is a wedding seanson. Many people choose this season to get married,. but what dresses are be choose by the bridals. Brides have never had so much freedom and choice over what they wear on their big day, with many now shunning convention altogether in favor of non-traditional designs. So many store will be supplies a huge of new arrivial 2018 wedding dresses for the bridals to choose. Besides, they also make a big dicsount for the wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses and more. So Dresswe online store is also make a big promotion for the 2018 wedding dresses. Sexy Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Lace Beading Chapel Train Mermaid Wedding Dress Sexy Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Lace Beading Chapel Train Mermaid Wedding Dress What is the new arrivial 2018 wedding dresses looks at Sexy Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Lace Beading Chapel Train Mermaid Wedding Dress it is very beauty and sexy, it can suit for the fashion girls to wear on her wedding. Becasue it has a long mermaid and use the lace materials, it is very light for girls, on the hot day, it will be make you not feel hot and heavry. It also has the v neck and backness, it also easy to mix the accessories to you! So I think it is very sexy and fashionable wedding dresses, if I have a wedding I will choose it now.Charming V-Neck Lace A-Line Wedding DressDelicate Sweetheart Backless Lace Wedding Dress Besides this one, Dresswe can give you many beautiful 2018 wedding dresses, so join in now, you must be shop the best and perfect wedding dresses to you!

Makes Your 2017 Focus Homecoming Dresses for Back to School

Dresswe 2017 homecoming dresses promotionThe time passed quickly, the summer vacation has passed one month, it has a little time to go the back to school. For your back to school party, would you prepared for your dresses? I think it is the good time to makes your 2017 focus homecoming dresses. But how can you makes your 2017 homecoming dresses?                                                                                       You can search the homecoming dresses on the google, it will give you some good idea, but it not a good enough one. You can go shopping on the famous store, but the price is so high, as a student I think it is not do it. I have a idea to you, you can search the 2017 popular element, such as:the style, the color, the materials. When you collect them, you can choose the homecoming dresses on the internet. Dresswe is the best special occasion dresses for everyone.

99989ab58b4d9e1f0536aa72d7ee4f6b--prom-dresses-on-sale-designer-prom-dressesDresswe has many  by you choose. If you are a good fashion blog, and have many followers, and you have a good shape, you can contact the service or send the message for the Dresswe online store. Maybe you are a lucky person, to get the beauty and popular homecoming dress to you! So join in Dresswe quickly, and help them to promote the site, you can get more surprising to you! The beauty and sexy dresses are waiting for you!
A Line Short Lace Knee Length Homecoming Dress

Vintage Long Sleeve Lace Applique High Low Homecoming Dress

Two Piece Homecoming Dresses is the New Trends of 2017 Back to School

The summer vacation is coming, the back to school is also not far away? In school, the students are more worried for their outfit to be appropriate enough. Outfit is a very important part of every student’s school life. So for the back to school, many girls and boys want to give a good impression for others. For them, they are very pay attention to fashion elements and popular clothing to make up them. For the girls, they also prepared a beauty special dresses for themselves. Getting them, she is like the two piece homecoming dresses 20172017 two piece sexy popular women dressesbackless-two-piece-pink-lace-trumpet-mermaid-prom-dress-cjv0004-aSo what is the fashion new trends of 2017 back to school? I think the two piece homecoming dresses is the new trends of it. But how can you getting the new trends of two piece homecomg dreses? I think Dresswe is the best places to getting them, it offers all kind of two piece homecoming dresses at the cheapest price. The two piece homecoming dresses with the differ materials and styles, it has the a line homecoming dress, sweetheart lace homecoming dresses, trumpet homecoming dresses and more. The materials have lace, chiffon, taffeta, satin and more. All of them can show you sexy and beauty slim. Visit to Dresswe, choose whatever you want. Shopping and wearing them, I hope you can have a good impression for friends!

Fancy Off The Shoulder Lace Crop Top Contrast Color Homecoming Dress

Pretty Halter Beaded Applique Two Pieces Crop Top Homecoming Dress

Fashion A Line Halter Sequin Fabric Two Pieces Short Homecoming Dress

Dresses for Party Nights or Other Special Occasions

On party nights or other special occasions, everyone wants to be in their best style to tear up the event, is not it? If we keep in mind that moments of parties deserve elegant, comfortable looks that characterize our style without leaving something to be desired, it is a good sign. But even so, some women find it difficult to decide on the ideal outfit for the party.

I do not know if they noticed, but it’s very common to wear monochromatic looks on special occasions. But to get away from it a good option for women who do not like monochromatic looks is to get out of the total white and invest in pieces with metallic details like gold and silver. Look how cool this model of the store Dresswe:

Fashion Straps Beading Sequins Column Prom Dress Beautiful V-Neck Beading A-Line Floor Length Prom Dress

If you prefer the details in the shoes, in the store there are also some beautiful options that give the look an air of elegance at the same time:

Unique Gold Stiletto Heel Peep Toe SandalsLuxurious Fashion Rhinestones Pearls Wedding Shoes

To complement the look you can abuse the accessories, being careful not to pollute nor exaggerate in the production. The ideal is earrings, bracelets, necklaces and bags with details that do not call much attention, since the metallized by itself already has this function.

All parts are from Dresswe, an international shop specializing in cheap special occasion dresses.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and the post.


Black Friday Sales at DressWe

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1: Evening Dress

10788746_3 12237264_7

2: Prom Dress

11325604_5 11414672_1

3: Cocktail Dresses

11291938_1 11594109_1

4: Ball Gown Dresses

11515230_1 11626131_1

There is much more special occasion dresses for you to choose from. Now come to DressWe and let’s celebrate black Friday!

The Fact About Lace

We all know when it comes to dress shopping, Lace probably one of the favorite and popular choice for fashion ladies around the world. Because I think lace dress seems like has some sort of magic power that can give a new look to a woman and make her even more attractive. Also I am sure that no girl can resist the beauty and charm that a lace dress can offer. So today i want to talk about something that you may not know about “Lace”, and that will be today’s “The Fact About Lace”

9c969bd0-a21e-4d94-b953-26fc2df52d9d 12450457_1


1: History

I am sure for lace lover would find it challenging to look at lace and not wonder about lace’s origin, how its made and the history about lace. OK actually it’s impossible to tell where lace originally came from , because there is some dispute over whether Italy or Flanders can lay claim to the invention of needle lace in the 15th Century. It is certain that bobbin lace was first developed in Italy and Flanders (a region on the border of Belgium and France) also there is some rumors says that lace may have been made by the ancient Romans. Although lace-making is an ancient craft, the crafting of true or modern lace did not become significant until the late 15th and early 16th centuries.
11485983_1 11485983_2

2:Types Of Laces

Before we start this chapter, there is another fact you may want to know about lace, and that is back to 16th and 17th century in some European cities only people above a certain social class were allowed to wear lace. While if the inspector found out if someone non-deserving of lace was wearing it, they will be ordered to trim it down or face it being burned. OK lets back to the types of laces.
11957478_1 11957478_4

Needle Lace – Made using a needle and thread – the most flexible of the lace-making arts; some purists regard Needle Lace as the height of lace-making.

Bobbin – Made with bobbins and a pillow. The bobbins hold threads which are woven together and held in place with pins stuck in the pattern on the pillow. Also known as Bone-lace.

Tape – Made using a machine or hand-made textile strip formed into a design, they joined and embellished with needle or bobbin lace.

Knotted – Made with a shuttle or a tatting needle.

Crocheted – Includes Irish Crochet Lace, Pineapple Crochet Lace, Filet Crochet and Koniakow Lace.

Knitted – Refer to as the “wedding ring shawl Lace”, a lace so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding ring. Also known as “Shetland Lace”.

So that’s for today’s “The Fact About Lace” I think after you read this blog, you may will have a clear idea about lace. BTW do you like the beautiful lace dress shown above? If you do then make sure to come to DressWe. and check out the beautiful and affordable DressWe lace dresses.


Lace Dresses for Pretty Ladies

In a world where technology has changed the way people do things and pay for things, one thing that has remained unchanged is the dressing pattern. Yeah! People have started buying items online but all of them are still running behind the old cliched dresses and make the most of it.


You can always spot people wearing the old styled long and lacy dresses at every month and look really different every time they wear it. People of the contemporary world have developed a different kind of style and confidence and they prefer wearing clothes that makes them feel good and not something that makes them uncomfortable but beautiful at outside.

It is about being comfortable and feeling confident and people from around the world seems to follow the same paradigm. Now is the time to be style you and look really cool at the parties and at the wedding. Lace follower girl dresses are one of the most popular dresses in the contemporary market and people from the remotest corners of the world are making the best use of these dresses.


Some of the top dresses you can select from for the upcoming parties and the house warming ceremonies are listed here:

  • Cute and Unique Flower Girl Dresses: if you are one of those unmarried and pretty girls then this cute and unique flower girl dresses should be your dressing poison for the upcoming season. You are going to look really pretty and hot in these dresses. People are going to eye you and will try to make moves to impress you.
  • Long lacy dresses: long and lacy dresses are never going to go out of fashion because they are known to provide people with the best of comfort and also with the requisite style. People love watching girls and pretty ladies roaming around in lacy dresses. You should make the most of this opportunity and impress the man you would like to get married to. These dresses are going to take care of your style and will also add up a unique charm to your personality.
  • Black dress: black dresses are never going to go out of fashion. You should always keep one of these in your wardrobes. When your senses fail to find the perfect dress for you, you should go with the black dress. It is going to look really great on you; but at the end of the day Lace Flower Girl Dresses is simply the best choice.

11489854_1 11515228_1

You will have to understand your style and the type of personality you posses in order to look really great in everything you wear. You will have to identify the best of everything and look really pretty and charming at all the upcoming parties.

Here please allow to introduce a online fashion store called DressWe. Here at DressWe their designer work very hard to make sure that every lace dress they designed will always make that perfect look on you. and the price for DressWe Lace Dress is very affordable. So if you want to buy a perfect lace dress make sure to check them out.

The Fact About Halloween

Hello everyone it is me Roy again, For today’s post there will be no fashion tips, or wedding dress advise. Today I will be talking about some thing “Scary” and yes that will be “The Fact About Halloween”. Ok before we started I am sure you guys know nowadays Halloween is one of the most love time by people of all ages from kids who love candies to adults who love while candies. But there is more to Halloween than that. So here are some facts about Halloween that you may not know.


1: The celebration of Halloween start way back from 2000 years ago, It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. They believe that during that period of time the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. which will free the spirit from the underworld to the earth, so during the celebration gifts and foods will be left at their door step so it will get rid of the evil spirits. And the date of Samhain was kept for October 31 and as remained till today.


2: Today’s Halloween Tradition, You most likely thought the “Trick-or-Treat” has a deep meaning behind it, The “Trick-or-Treat” began in America in the early 20th century. At the time kids will prank a number of innocent people October 31th was marked the time for those kid to prank the whole neighborhood, the only way to stay safe from those prankers will be offering a small bread. That’s where “Trick-or-Treat” original came from.


3: The Halloween celebrated a lot differently in Mexico, It is known as Día de Muertos meaning the day of the dead. It is the day for family members to celebrate death, Many families head over to the cemetery to spend the rest of the night with there loved ones. They usually place flowers food or even gifts around the person’s grave.

While that’s all for today’s: The Fact About Halloween. And as always I see you guys next time.



Fashion With Color Black

Hello everyone this is Roy again. Today I will be talking about the relationship between “Fashion” and the color “Black”


I think everyone of you must heard the song “Run This Town” from Jay-Z. In that song he said “Black cards black cars all black everything”. and yes that’s totally me I am that kind of person who absolutely  love the color black. Pretty much everything I wear it’s either black or gray. Ok before we go any further I know you guys must wondering why black? Because in a lot of culture that black conjures negative images and ideas such as death and emptiness. But the color black also represent power, strength and mystery. and that’s the reason why I love the color black so so much.


We all use black at various times to hide from the world around us in one way or another. Some of us use it to hide our weight; others among us use it to hide our feelings, our fears or our insecurities. So if you are not a big fan of the color black next you can try to wear everything black, I am sure you will be surprised by the mysterious that add on to you.

But now at this time when it comes to evening or prom dress, the color black is an often choose color. So here I will introduce you a online fashion store called DressWe. The Black evening and prom dress at DressWe, all at a affordable price and unique design and they also offer free worldwide shipping.

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Wedding Dresses-Spoiled for choice


Brides to be have a number of things to think of when planning the11626131_2ir wedding. However the most important element in their wedding is their wedding dress, as they would be the center of attention at the weddings. Brides to be have to ensure that their wedding dress is perfect and looks great.

There are a number of wedding dresses to choose from and the number of choices is what actually makes selecting the perfect dress so hard. The bride to be is  constantly bombarded with better options. The most famous style these days is the ball gown wedding dress at DressWe, which is a full length dress.

When we say perfect it encompasses all the elements of a wedding from floral arrangements to the most important factor the wedding dress. Brides to be are spoiled for choice from the plethora of wedding dress styles available, from simple dresses to ball gown wedding dresses. Those who prefer a high profile wedding usually opt for the ball gown wedding dresses as it reflects the grandeur of the wedding whilst others prefer a simple white satin dress.

11121802_1 11464612_1

Ball gown wedding dresses come in a variety of colors and styles, the most common color is white and is sometimes paired with a color belt or sash. Ball gown wedding dresses have different designs, some have bead work on the upper half of the dress whilst others have ruffles on the lower part. Some ball gown wedding dresses also have small ribbons and bows attached to them to add to the style.

An alternative to a ball gown wedding dress at DressWe is the mini wedding dress and a two piece wedding dress. The mini wedding dress is basically a small white or cream dress which falls just above the knees. It is a pretty modern dress but is not preferred amongst brides who usually like to opt for a more traditional looking ball gown wedding dress.

11517883_1 11619993_8

Often brides to be go for the most expensive ball gown wedding dress thinking the more expensive it is the better it would look. What they do not realize is that certain styles suit certain body shape and some brides end up looking hideous while clad in a designer ball gown wedding dress because it does not suit their body shape. It is always recommended to obtain an opinion of a few close friends before deciding on the final dress