Makeup Tips – How to Make the intense color of lipstick last longer

A super red mouth, hot pink, orange mega or even in alternative colors such as black, purple and blue, are always awesome – but it seems that the powerful effect only lasts for a little while. Keep lipstick throughout the day and night is an almost impossible task.

However, it does not need to give up the intense colors of lipsticks. To make them last longer, there are some tricks. Choose an opaque or semi-opaque lipstick is one of tricks. They adhere better to the lips.If the occasion calls for that creamy lipstick that you love so much, an alternative option is to use a lip cream primer before applying lipstick.


It is always very useful to prepare the lips cream before you start doing makeup. Who has dry lips, for example, must pass a moisturizer and let acting as glosses other parts of the face. If you’re having some skin dropping the lips, mix sugar to moisturizer and make a light exfoliation.

Do not give up lip pencil. It really makes all the difference. Use it to the entire mouth instead of just around – so lipstick will last much longer, since the pencil texture is much stickier than the lipstick. This can also help you to make the color more intense.

Apply lipstick directly in the mouth. Brushes and applicators are more suitable for liquid or creamy lipsticks. Finally, finish with a translucent powder, especially if it is a creamy lipstick. This causes the color hold longer. Opaque lipsticks and semi-opaque not need this submission.


Everyone who wants to host a wedding party should know, the host can have fun while riding an event indoors, but can also have a lot of side effects – and even headache. We must analyze all the advantages and disadvantages before taking the decision to receive guests in the “humble abode”.

One advantage is it does not need to spend too much but just to lease a space. Who local search for events, for example, know the specific locations to receive guests are well worth it, but do not always have an affordable price. In that case, the party should be given special attention. Another advantage is being able to decorate in a more intimate way or to make sure that the guests will be comfortable – after all, it is their home.

Of course if you have a large space, it is no longer a disadvantage. The other big question is having a big party at home is a big mess that after the guests leave – and that usually is discouraged. For this type of thing does not become a problem, hire the services as Weddings Buffet is very necessary, since the Buffet itself will put things in place when the party ends.

But the great thing is that making party at home will absolutely depend on the party of reason: it is chic, informal, more selected or whether it will be more crowded thing. Each event type has its most suitable place to happen.

If there is no place to host a wedding party at home, for example, if you have hundreds of guests and does not have adequate space to accommodate all with the necessary comfort. Just as there is no need to rent a great place to make a more intimate and reserved party (provided that you have at your disposal an adequate space for those few people).

The great secret is to plan and put forward what really matters, what has to happen with the special moment that is the wedding blessing. So if your dream has always been to marry at home, format your marriage so that it can happen that way, get what you need and make this dream become a beautiful reality.

7 Simple Tips to Plan Your Wedding Party

We will show you the major pitfalls in the wedding party preparation and provides guidance to organize the event without complications in this article, for this to happen without the life together start in red, the protest, consumer organization, prepare a booklet.

Let’s check out the 7 tips below:

1) Know your rights

The Consumer Protection Code (CDC) can be an important weapon for the defense of newlyweds in cases of problems with suppliers and service providers, so it is important to keep in mind some of its main provisions.

2) Think of the matrimonial regime

Today, the regime in force when no other is expressly defined is the partial property, in which all property acquired in an onerous manner (paid with the result of the work of the couple) after the marriage are shared between the couple. As for the goods received by inheritance, gift or purchased before marriage (private property), they are individual.

3) Search for wedding sites

Wedding websites can help the bride and groom to the ceremony the details of disclosure, as the party location, and site links to the wish list.

According to Protest, there are several site options and many are free, but before choosing one of them, the couple should check for complaints about the website and should read your service contract.

4) Make a schedule & a spreadsheet of expenses

Plan the wedding party in advance is essential. With more time, the couple can bargain better and avoid price increases. It is essential to make a spreadsheet of expenses for that wedding planning is done well. The Protest suggests that the sheet is divided into four columns: products / services; total price; number of installments; and payday.

5) Plan carefully the guest lists

The guest lists is one of the success secrets of a marriage, since it is one of the main costs defining factors. The lists can get the closest and then followed by more distant relatives, parents of friends and co-workers. The calculation of the number of guests should consider that 10% to 20% of the guests are not going to the wedding.

6) See alternative to not spend as much on dress

Rent is also a more affordable option for brides who do not mind not save a dress. In this case, you can choose to rent first, so the store makes the model as the bride wants, and then available for lease.

7) Attention to hire the buffet and party space

When choosing the buffet and the party location is important to check carefully what is included in the price. For example, if the drinks are part of the buffet and the decor is paid along with the rent of space. If the company fails to comply with what was agreed, the consumer may claim reimbursement of expenses and any damages, pursuant to Article 20 of the Consumer Protection Code.

To exercise their rights, however, the bride and groom to make sure that everything that is relevant to the party recorded in writing as in case of failure, this will be the proof of that was hired to further claims.

Brown Lipstick – Neutral and Powerful Beauty Artifact for Fall & Winter 2016

In editor’s forecast, brown lipstick promises to be one of the new favorites for this Fall & Winter 2016. Who helps broadcast this trend are the Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner these two celebrities who have appeared with the color on the lips frequently. Kylie even released three different shades of brown in his line of makeup.

Makeup with brown lipstick celebrity collection

Add the brown lipstick on a day-to-day may seems complicated, but it is not in fact. The color can act as a pigment and more sophisticated. When choosing the right tone, one must take into account the skin type.

Makeup with brown lipstick series 01

For a more harmonious makeup, lighter people should opt for a lighter and pulled deep to pink or red. If the idea is to make a contrast to a stronger look, intense colors of coffee and chocolate also work well.

Makeup with brown lipstick series 02

Brown and black can invest in more approximate the brown own skin tone, but the intense color should also not be left out when the proposal is to contrast and highlight the lips. The earth tones are also a good bet.

Makeup with brown lipstick series 03

As for the rest of the makeup, avoid using only brown to create a boring dead-alive look. Neutral shades work for a more basic makeups, while the lighter gold and gloriously may contribute to a more sophisticated production.

Makeup with brown lipstick series 04

5 Traps You Should Avoid When Choosing an Amazing Wedding Dress

Choosing the right dress for a special day is one of the most important tasks for any bride. Are you ready to face the adventure of searching for an amazing wedding dress?

For nothing hinders that day, we list the 5 traps in this article so that you should avoid these mistakes when buying your wedding dress. Take note!

  1. Don’t Trust the Fashion Expert Blindly

Surely you have a friend interested in fashion that finds a specialist in image consulting. Remember do not let her give criticism advices or comments on your decision. If you do not want to have to go through this experience, do not take it with you!

  1. Keep Away From the Singles Convinced Hates Weddings

If you bring a friend who is completely brigade with the “institution of marriage” and everything that has to do with the word marriage, you probably will get your energy totally exhausted. If it is not interested in your big day like other friends, it is better to stay home. After you call her and tell all!

  1. Talk with a Friend Who Will Also Marry

It is not out of malice, but usually brides often comment all the details of your wedding to attract attention. It is likely that while you are trying wedding dresses, your friend is commenting that it will be more beautiful, which will be drawn to someone super top, etc.

  1. Do Remember Your Feelings Are the First Important Thing

If you already know how it is, what it is your way of acting and she loves being the mistress of the reason, it is best not to take it in the purchase of the famous model for marriage. On that day, although it seems impossible, you should only surround yourself with positive comments, compliments and ideas do you find the perfect wedding dress, which is your goal!

  1. Keep Away From the Newly Married Couples

If one of your friends who has just married is with the typical “hangover after marriage” at the apex is better not invite! It is likely that she will not stop talking about her marriage, the mixed feelings she has now ended his big day, as it is sad because it will no longer wear the wedding dress, etc.

Secrets about Selecting Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid, as one of the closest people to the bride, will play a very important role on the whole ceremony. Being a bridemaid is a very interesting yet difficult thing, because you need to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress and give the perfect performance to add more glamour to the bride. The bridesmaid are the second focus on the wedding ceremony, and the importance of bridesmaid dresses just next only to the wedding dress. How to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses or outfits and avoid the mistakes? We will show some tips on how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress on this article.

perfect bridesmaid dresses

Secret 1 – The Bridesmaid Dress Color

Generally speaking, the lighter solid color is better than two tones mixed. If you are not certain about the color for the wedding theme, don’t worry, choose fairly neutral colors like light pastels. The color of the bridesmaid dresses must be staying the same tone with the color of the wedding theme. There is a wide range of colors for each bridesmaid to choose. For example, if the wedding theme is lavender, light purple will be the best choice. However, if you are going to attend a white themed wedding, light green could be more attractive and bring more freshness to the prom. All in all, the bridesmaid dresses does not need to be limited on light purple or light green, if you can choose the right bridesmaid dresses color and matches the theme of the wedding, believe you will be a stunning bridesmaids, too.

Lace Embroidery Bridesmaid DressesSweetheart Lace A-line Bridesmaid Dresses

Secret 2 – The Bridesmaid Dress Style

How to combine the styles and colors on choosing the bridesmaid dresses? One important rule is to have bridesmaid dresses made of the same color and materials if the styles are different, while it would be better to make a same style or similar style if the colors are different. Some brides will think that the more bridesmaids they invite the better. But in fact, it doesn’t not right at all. How much troubles there will have how many bridesmaids there are. Because no two women looks are the same although they have the same dress looks. In one word: choose the same color for different style, or choose the same style for the different colors.

Floral Printing A-line Bridesmaid DressesPretty Beading A-line Bridesmaid Dresses

Secret 3 – What length should I choose, long, or short?

Some favored the floor length bridesmaid dress while others not. I can tell you a secret, the short or knee-length bridesmaid dress is favored by most of the fashion young girls now and will become more and more popular on the next year. The knee-length with skirts bridesmaid dresses are wise choices for many brides. Because it can make sure that the bridesmaids can’t be handicapped when they are rushing about doing jobs for the bride. Besides, the short length can make them looks lovely and lively, too.

Sexy Open Back Bridesmaid DressesV-Neck Cap Sleeves Lace Knee-Length Bridesmaid Dress

Important Advices before Selecting a Pretty Wedding Dress

Each woman hopes to have a pretty wedding dress that will be one of the most classic garments of her life. That is because it is hardly to find another occasion where a dress can appear twice, shining and sparkle so much, and make it so special. Knowing this, women always tend to become very indecisive and seek advice everywhere to help them choose the most perfect wedding dress.

From friends who recently married, through mothers and aunts, to specialized journals on the subject. This insecurity is normal and is linked to the importance of the occasion and the expectation that every woman has their own wedding. Nevertheless, some tips and rules can greatly simplify the choice of the wedding dress.

The wedding dress is a very key piece and the bride should think each detail seriously. So the choice becomes very difficult: the wedding dress must be particular and distinctive. And many variables will influence this choice: the type of ceremonial, the site of the ceremony itself and the party, the bride’s favorite styles and her physical type. All this is important and will be observed for choosing an ideal wedding dress.

If your wedding party is held during the day, with a morning ceremony and lunch, the wedding dress should be more open and comfortable, and need to combine more with the wedding occasion. So you could give preference to simple colors like white, cream, beige and others.

Beading Flower Wedding DressAsymmetry Straps Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If the wedding ceremony is holding in night, abuse the wedding dress of glitz and glamour, opting for those with sleeves and sophisticated design details, so that the bride could be shine and unique on the party. The wedding dress should highlight the best features of the bride, so do not make the mistake of choosing a dress by randomly or seeking the discount or extreme cheap wedding dress. Your dress should be comfortable and you should feel very good inside. Remember that the comfort and the bride’s naturalness are very important to your physical beauty.

unique vintage wedding dresscheap wedding dressescharming beading wedding dress

If you are bustier body type, you can discard the white color. Pastel colors (like champagne or rose) or darker color are more suitable yourself. That’s because these colors can highlight the features and disguising your silhouette. Thus, you don’t need to choose a dress feel gorgeous or beautiful. You are beautiful when you accept yourself.

Champagne Wedding DressModern Wedding Dresses

Court Train Wedding DressesMermaid Color Wedding Dress

So if you got engaged and have a certain date to hold your ceremony, now the picking up time is coming. Just search these dresswe wedding dress and go eliminating hypotheses and models. This research will ensure you wear a perfect and beautiful dress and it is completely in a same tune with your joy and happiness!



How To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Romantic with Love Quotes

Along with the step of your special day is getting closer, inspired love quotes maybe will be the easiest thing you can do to make your big events romantic and distinctive. Everyone knows to send a wedding gift on the special day to their friends and guests, but without the elaborate design such as attach some romantic love quotes on the top of your gift, guess it can’t get a good effect as you hope it to be. Romantic love quotes are very attractive, and encouraging, can bring more romance and philosophy to both the guests and the young couple been married. That’s why your gifts impressed and touched many of them and keep a life-long positive relationship.

Sure, you can put these quotes or sayings on a wooden sign or chalkboard, or the program, menu, or even you can share it on a toast. Here let’s appreciate some love quotes and romantic sayings on your special day.

「I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.」 – F. Scott Fitzgerald

「Sitting next to you is like taking a sip of eternity, the sun, the stars, the sky, never tasted so good.」 – Christy Ann Martine

「You have been the last dream of my soul.」 – Charles Dickens

「When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.」 – William Shakespeare

「You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known; and even that is an understatement.」 – F. Scott Fitzgerald

「I remember who I am when I’m with you.」 – Nicole Christie

「When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.」 – Nora Ephron

「It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.」 – Vladimir Nabokov

「When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.」 – Jess C. Scott

「The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.」 – Marilyn Monroe

「I came here with no expectations, only to profess, now that I am at liberty to do so, that my heart is and always will be yours.」 – Jane Austen

「If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.」 – Alfred Tennyson

「For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.」 – Judy Garland

「It’s by your side I make my home.」 – Dave Matthews

「If I know what love is, it is because of you.」 – Hermann Hessen

There are many ways to share these delightful words from these famous writers, while share them on your wedding day is an innovative idea. It’s known that there must be many quotes that directly relate to your love story with your prince charming throughout your romantic journey to your special day. So we understand the importance of sharing these meaningful words at wedding ceremony, and we guarantee that many of these romantic love quotes will bring a tear to your eyes because it fits you so well.

What’s The Latest Trends of Wedding Dresses 2016 Fall

We will show the latest trendy wedding dresses styles and popular elements of 2016 fall on this article; let’s enjoy our fashion discovery journey together.

latest lace wedding dresses

With mainly soft touch-based materials, 3D embroidery and laciness decorative supplementary, Sachin & Babi Noir wedding season hit the young style. When it comes to the real wedding ceremony, the bride will stand for over several hours wearing a wedding dress. Sachin & Babi Noir wedding dresses perfectly processed each detail completely. In addition, not only the sexy backless wedding dress, sweetheart neckline tulle short wedding dress full covered with embroidered, and A-line silk dress with sleeves decorated exaggerated is also this season best-selling wedding dresses styles. Each wedding dress will make the bride in her wedding show off the complete beauty.

celebrity style lace wedding dresses red lace wedding dresses latest lace wedding dresses styles

A classic, romantic color, mixed champagne with ivory softens the silhouette of this fabulous lace wedding dress. This beautiful dress is from legendary collection of Romona Keveza. Exquisite lace design makes every detail looks very impressive. Perfect details such as beaded belts, falbala cap sleeves and deep v neckline modeled the fabulous looks that our favorite. Clean and simple champagne satin prom dress, very fantastic embellished with ivory lace. The elegant Neckline details and classic fantasy impression make the dress becomes more feminine.

lovely lace wedding dresses elegant lace wedding dresses charming lace wedding dresses

At the wedding dresses show stage, Rania Hatoum gives us a feeling of intimate. Our designers seem to like the retro style very much, and even have a lot of experience on the latest trendy style. They mixed the exquisite embroidery lace fabrics with popular ivory color on this season’s main styles. Fabulous Victorian style wedding dress decorated with modeling completely new and novelty lace on the bodice. Studded with little beads, and a nail pattern motif on the transparent yarn, you will see a sexy tight wedding dress on a more modern wedding dress show.

latest wedding dresses styles 2017 trendy wedding dresses lace wedding dresses latest designs

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3 Tips For Choosing A Suitable Wedding Dress

Each woman is particular for wedding dresses and there is no wonder almost every woman hopes to be unique and beautiful at her special day. So how to choose pretty yet distinctive wedding dresses for our to-be- brides? Today let’s share some tips for choosing a suitable wedding dress.

classy wedding dresslace wedding dressmermaid wedding dresslong sleeve lace mermaid wedding dress

Tips 1:  Pick a hued and designed wedding dress

As for the color of wedding dresses selecting, more and more young ladies are prefer to choose some colored and styled wedding dresses to demonstrate their personality and taste. Cause the colored wedding dresses can add more flavors of fashion and youth to the wedding look. Let’s appreciate some trendy colored wedding dresses together.

beautiful color wedding dress

Each color has a unique different meaning that you have to consider before choosing the right wedding dress. Most recent wedding dresses patterns mixed yellow with dark colors for the inspiring of brilliance of summer season, blooms and sunshine. The utilization of brilliant yellows can get a much more develop look and create a marvelous situation for the wedding. Green is something Eco themed, and is really a peaceful, quiet and reviving tone, very suitable for an outside wedding. Green is favored by more and more bridesmaid dresses as well. The magic oranges are energizing and flashy and are certain to light a smile on your wedding ceremony. A warming shading, paired orange with peach or yellow, both of which can add more passion and enthusiastic to your wedding outfit. The utilization of red for your wedding outfit can make you outstanding from the crowd, especially when you pair it with the accent on the dominating white dress. The beige or tans often be used for some vintage wedding dresses, and giving a feeling of totally and steadiness.

attractive ball gown prom dress

champagne color wedding dress

vintage wedding dress with color

Tips 2: Choose an affordable wedding dress

The low-cost wedding dresses are favored by more and more to-be-brides. Because the online shop offers over thousands of different styles pretty wedding dresses and all kinds of cheap special occasion dresses. Lots of brides could buy a low-cost wedding gown for her wedding day without worrying the low quality. That’s because a cheap wedding outfit doesn’t necessarily imply it has to look second grade or bargain. So there are more and more brides who would prefer to choose discount wedding dresses at

Lovely Lace Wedding Dress

elegant beach wedding dress

Tips 3: Make sure the length of your wedding dress and stay on your budget

If you decide to hold your wedding ceremony at the beach, a short wedding dress is your best choice, cause which can make you move flexible and easily. If you are going to hold your wedding ceremony at the church or garden, then a long mermaid wedding dress maybe more fantastic for your big events. An excellent wedding dress doesn’t imply the high price, while a cheap wedding dress can also make you outstanding and shining. You need to make a budget for your wedding beforehand.

sexy beach wedding dress

sexy lace wedding dress

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