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Asian Fashion Style

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So yesterday I had one of those amazing day of doing while nothing. I laid on the couch and finished  the crown series on Netflix, by the way best drama I have seen so far. Then I spend the rest of the day on that couch and wondering, hmmm since winter is literally around the corner, May be it’s time to bring some fresh oxygen to my wardrobe. So I opened up my laptop and went to some of my favorite stores and trying to find some cloth to give me a fresh look during the winter. Then after hours and hours I found while absolutely nothing. Cause even on their website it says new arrive winter outfit, but for me it just feels like the same as last year and the year before.  So I was like OK that’s it maybe it’s about time to try something new, since Asian fashion style become more more popular, why not Asian style. After I went to some Asian style fashion stores, to be honest with you guys I am surprised, I instantly fall in love with those new styles, and I certain Asian style will be the style can give me new looks during the winter. So today I want to talk about some of the popular Asian fashion style, let’s start by country.

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1: Japanese

To talk about Japanese fashion style, the first thing you need to know is there is a lot of fashion style in Japan. Some of them for my opinion it’s pretty extreme, not every one can accept that kind of style, but that’s not that kind of style we will be talking about today. We will be talking about “normal” one while like the two styles showed in the picture, looks pretty good isn’t it? Ok let’s get back on track. The Japanese fashion style start blooming in the early 1990s back at that time there is lot of brand start become more and more popular, then the Japanese fashion style starts influences the West Coast of the United States, not for long it starts become more and more popular around the world.  But why it is so popular? In my own opinion, it’s just a different aesthetic, a different way of looking at the same items of clothing. Just because of the different way it seems like can give a fresh look to a person and make them unique.

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2: Korean

After the Japanese the Korean is not far behind. But why is Korean fashion so popular? For me the reason is K-Pop, K-Beauty, an in-built celebrity culture and also the government support. For example the Korean government actually pays for the bulk of Seoul Fashion Week. And on top of all this, the Korean government has highlighted fashion and art as the next “soft power” to be exported alongside K-Pop and K-Dramas around the world. With government help and K-pop, K-Beauty to influence the world the Korean fashion style will become more and more popular in the world.

Ok that’s all for today’s blog. I hope yall beautiful faces enjoy it. And trust me if you are tired of wearing same exactly style every year. You can try some different style, like Asian style. You may will be surprised 😉

Wonderful Benefits Of Traveling


Imagine yourself being a kid. And one day when you arrive home after school, suddenly your parents tell you hey boy go pack your stuff let’s go somewhere else. you asked go where? then your parents said lets travel some where far away from home. Even without knowing where you’ll go, you still jump for joy. Why is that so? Well, that’s because you’re going toTRAVEL!

I am certain in this world if one thing can let you experience more joy in your life that will be travel. I don’t mean taking vacations or pre-planing trips, I mean making the journey out to somewhere that you have never gone before. Travel is so amazing it can let us to visit different cultures, eat different food, and meet different people. It can bring us a whole new life.

travel-01 travel-02

1: Expand Your Perspective

When it’s your first time traveling, you’ll realize that the outside world is simply amazing. You’ll understand that things are much beautiful when you step out of that teeny weeny shell of yours. When you step foot on foreign land, you’re certainly bound to meet new people, new friends, new experiences, etc. These will unlock that little rusty chain in your brain which is preventing you from broadening your mind. So, go out and explore. Discover the world. Gain new perspectives. Experience new cultures. Only by doing so will you get to take a few steps back and ponder about life. Only by doing so will you get to see the world in ways we would never be able to comprehend in our home countries.

2: Your will realize that your home is not more than where you grew up. 

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

The more you travel the more you will realize that your hometown is way more that the city of state or country that you grown up in. we realize that our home is the world, this planet, and we become more conscious of how we can harmoniously live and support one another. And in that knowings and state of consciousness, people like those supporting the movement of charity: water come into fruition.


3: You will realize how little you knew about the world. 

when you stay at home the world is more likely the different countries and place that showed up in the map, and the different culture that you heard from your friends or TV. But when you travel you will realize the world end up being very differently than you heard or indoctrinated. When you travel you may realize how you can actually save more on your lifestyle expenses traveling the world than you do living at home. You may also realize how kind and friendly strangers can be, and how they are even willing to take care of you with a place to sleep at night. Beyond that, you have the whole world to learn about with every place you discover, every person you meet and every culture you experience.


So no more waiting or planning, go home and pack your bag to explore the beauty of this world. When you come back you will find out amazing life is and how much you love your life.



The Fact About Lace

We all know when it comes to dress shopping, Lace probably one of the favorite and popular choice for fashion ladies around the world. Because I think lace dress seems like has some sort of magic power that can give a new look to a woman and make her even more attractive. Also I am sure that no girl can resist the beauty and charm that a lace dress can offer. So today i want to talk about something that you may not know about “Lace”, and that will be today’s “The Fact About Lace”

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1: History

I am sure for lace lover would find it challenging to look at lace and not wonder about lace’s origin, how its made and the history about lace. OK actually it’s impossible to tell where lace originally came from , because there is some dispute over whether Italy or Flanders can lay claim to the invention of needle lace in the 15th Century. It is certain that bobbin lace was first developed in Italy and Flanders (a region on the border of Belgium and France) also there is some rumors says that lace may have been made by the ancient Romans. Although lace-making is an ancient craft, the crafting of true or modern lace did not become significant until the late 15th and early 16th centuries.
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2:Types Of Laces

Before we start this chapter, there is another fact you may want to know about lace, and that is back to 16th and 17th century in some European cities only people above a certain social class were allowed to wear lace. While if the inspector found out if someone non-deserving of lace was wearing it, they will be ordered to trim it down or face it being burned. OK lets back to the types of laces.
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Needle Lace – Made using a needle and thread – the most flexible of the lace-making arts; some purists regard Needle Lace as the height of lace-making.

Bobbin – Made with bobbins and a pillow. The bobbins hold threads which are woven together and held in place with pins stuck in the pattern on the pillow. Also known as Bone-lace.

Tape – Made using a machine or hand-made textile strip formed into a design, they joined and embellished with needle or bobbin lace.

Knotted – Made with a shuttle or a tatting needle.

Crocheted – Includes Irish Crochet Lace, Pineapple Crochet Lace, Filet Crochet and Koniakow Lace.

Knitted – Refer to as the “wedding ring shawl Lace”, a lace so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding ring. Also known as “Shetland Lace”.

So that’s for today’s “The Fact About Lace” I think after you read this blog, you may will have a clear idea about lace. BTW do you like the beautiful lace dress shown above? If you do then make sure to come to DressWe. and check out the beautiful and affordable DressWe lace dresses.


Lace Dresses for Pretty Ladies

In a world where technology has changed the way people do things and pay for things, one thing that has remained unchanged is the dressing pattern. Yeah! People have started buying items online but all of them are still running behind the old cliched dresses and make the most of it.


You can always spot people wearing the old styled long and lacy dresses at every month and look really different every time they wear it. People of the contemporary world have developed a different kind of style and confidence and they prefer wearing clothes that makes them feel good and not something that makes them uncomfortable but beautiful at outside.

It is about being comfortable and feeling confident and people from around the world seems to follow the same paradigm. Now is the time to be style you and look really cool at the parties and at the wedding. Lace follower girl dresses are one of the most popular dresses in the contemporary market and people from the remotest corners of the world are making the best use of these dresses.


Some of the top dresses you can select from for the upcoming parties and the house warming ceremonies are listed here:

  • Cute and Unique Flower Girl Dresses: if you are one of those unmarried and pretty girls then this cute and unique flower girl dresses should be your dressing poison for the upcoming season. You are going to look really pretty and hot in these dresses. People are going to eye you and will try to make moves to impress you.
  • Long lacy dresses: long and lacy dresses are never going to go out of fashion because they are known to provide people with the best of comfort and also with the requisite style. People love watching girls and pretty ladies roaming around in lacy dresses. You should make the most of this opportunity and impress the man you would like to get married to. These dresses are going to take care of your style and will also add up a unique charm to your personality.
  • Black dress: black dresses are never going to go out of fashion. You should always keep one of these in your wardrobes. When your senses fail to find the perfect dress for you, you should go with the black dress. It is going to look really great on you; but at the end of the day Lace Flower Girl Dresses is simply the best choice.

11489854_1 11515228_1

You will have to understand your style and the type of personality you posses in order to look really great in everything you wear. You will have to identify the best of everything and look really pretty and charming at all the upcoming parties.

Here please allow to introduce a online fashion store called DressWe. Here at DressWe their designer work very hard to make sure that every lace dress they designed will always make that perfect look on you. and the price for DressWe Lace Dress is very affordable. So if you want to buy a perfect lace dress make sure to check them out.

How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dresses

Hello everyone this is Roy again today I will be talking about how to choose a perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for your bridesmaid. We all know that a perfect preparation makes a perfect wedding. Perfect preparations cover a lot of preparations for weddings, such as a perfect look for everyone. So choosing a perfect bridesmaid dress would be a very challenging thin.

11292157_1 11292168_1

The first thing you need to know is bridesmaid dress is something your brides can wear again and long after the wedding, so you need to choose a perfect style. My suggestion is an A-Line silhouette, the reason is A-line style not only one of the most popular style for women around the world but also a perfect style to fit any body type.

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The second thing is you need to set a budget, You want to select an affordable bridesmaid dresses that does not look cheap. Here is a online fashion store called DressWe. The bridesmaid dresses from DressWe has a very unique design and also they has a very good quality.

So finding an attractive bridesmaid dress isn’t impossible, in fact there are lots of options for the discerning bride determined to make your wedding the best it can possibly be and put a smile on your bridesmaids’ faces.

The Fact About Halloween

Hello everyone it is me Roy again, For today’s post there will be no fashion tips, or wedding dress advise. Today I will be talking about some thing “Scary” and yes that will be “The Fact About Halloween”. Ok before we started I am sure you guys know nowadays Halloween is one of the most love time by people of all ages from kids who love candies to adults who love while candies. But there is more to Halloween than that. So here are some facts about Halloween that you may not know.


1: The celebration of Halloween start way back from 2000 years ago, It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. They believe that during that period of time the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. which will free the spirit from the underworld to the earth, so during the celebration gifts and foods will be left at their door step so it will get rid of the evil spirits. And the date of Samhain was kept for October 31 and as remained till today.


2: Today’s Halloween Tradition, You most likely thought the “Trick-or-Treat” has a deep meaning behind it, The “Trick-or-Treat” began in America in the early 20th century. At the time kids will prank a number of innocent people October 31th was marked the time for those kid to prank the whole neighborhood, the only way to stay safe from those prankers will be offering a small bread. That’s where “Trick-or-Treat” original came from.


3: The Halloween celebrated a lot differently in Mexico, It is known as Día de Muertos meaning the day of the dead. It is the day for family members to celebrate death, Many families head over to the cemetery to spend the rest of the night with there loved ones. They usually place flowers food or even gifts around the person’s grave.

While that’s all for today’s: The Fact About Halloween. And as always I see you guys next time.



Fashion With Color Black

Hello everyone this is Roy again. Today I will be talking about the relationship between “Fashion” and the color “Black”


I think everyone of you must heard the song “Run This Town” from Jay-Z. In that song he said “Black cards black cars all black everything”. and yes that’s totally me I am that kind of person who absolutely  love the color black. Pretty much everything I wear it’s either black or gray. Ok before we go any further I know you guys must wondering why black? Because in a lot of culture that black conjures negative images and ideas such as death and emptiness. But the color black also represent power, strength and mystery. and that’s the reason why I love the color black so so much.


We all use black at various times to hide from the world around us in one way or another. Some of us use it to hide our weight; others among us use it to hide our feelings, our fears or our insecurities. So if you are not a big fan of the color black next you can try to wear everything black, I am sure you will be surprised by the mysterious that add on to you.

But now at this time when it comes to evening or prom dress, the color black is an often choose color. So here I will introduce you a online fashion store called DressWe. The Black evening and prom dress at DressWe, all at a affordable price and unique design and they also offer free worldwide shipping.

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