Top 10 Ponytail Hair Style from Instagram

Long hair is the most suitable hair style for winter, of course, long hair, not only can help you create exquisite facial features, but also give your extra points in fashion. Ponytail shape can make you look more refreshing in the winter, and it’s also convenient for outdoor sports.

Here we collect top 10 amazing ponytail hair style, hoping to give you some modeling inspiration.

1.Ordinary ponytailOrdinary ponytail

2.Hooded ponytail

Hooded ponytail

3.Metal decorative ponytail

Metal decorative ponytail

4.Curly ponytail

Curly ponytail

5.Colorful ponytail

Colorful ponytail

6.Gray ponytail

Gray ponytail

7.Bohemian ponytail hair style

Bohemian ponytail hair style

8.Weave ponytail

Weave ponytail

9.Olivia Palermo ponytail

Olivia Palermo ponytail

10.Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail

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